Untersberg (1972)

I have a love-hate relationship with Untersberg.

I tested the mountain for first time on a sunny Saturday at the end of May. I opted for the famous Dopplersteig – a chain of rather steep and exposed staircases that made my heart beat a little faster. The total hike took 3.5 hours and was quite demanding – in terms of both cardio and tolerance for heights.

The second and third time I reached the top on the route through Toni Lenz Hütte. This trail is suitable for fit hikers with good stamina, but no fear of heights isn’t a pre-requisite this time. The uphill path takes you for the first 2-2.5h through a forest. From Toni Lenz Hütte onwards, you continue through more stoney paths and covered staircases. The last stage of the hike is a really beautiful one – you walk amidst the typical alpine low pines. You can spot a deer or two, if you are lucky. Finally, you approach Untersberg from the side of Salzburger Hochthron.

One of the things worth considering is an overnight stay at the Zepperzauerhaus. Watching a 360 degree sunset from that height is a quite memorable experience. So is Salzburg panorama at night. Your only alternative at this time is to hike down after sunset with a headlamp (would not try this for any money). The cable car stops running at 5:30PM in the summer.

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  1. Juliana says:

    Great view from up there!

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