Schober (1328)

Not gonna lie – Schober is my personal favourite. This is where I did my first birthday sunrise hike this year. I am pretty sure this is the best spot for 360 view of the Salzkammergut lakes.

Schober is a little tricky – a rather steep hike through the forest evolves into a bit of a rock-climbing experience towards the end. Despite the fact it is not the tallest mountain around by any means, stamina and caution are required to reach the peak. The total ascend should not be longer than one hour but, paradoxically, it is the way down that requires more consideration and probably more time. Be careful not to end up sliding downhill on the gravel!

I always choose the faster way up (starting near Ruine Wartenfels) and the longer way down (catching the peak of Frauenkopf at the same time).

If you plan to do a sunrise/sunset hike – remember to bring your headlamp! It is also good to show up on top 20-30min before the actual sunrise/sunset time to observe the changing colors of the sky. Plan accordingly 🙂

Schober sunrise
Schober sunrise
Schober panorama at sunrise
Panorama of Salzkammergut at sunrise
Schober conquered
Schober conquered

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  1. Tony says:

    That’s some nice shots

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